trust in Starman, everyone seemed to be in a dangerous situation. It also caused the death knell to make a special trip to rescue

Clark at an unknown point in time and reflect on himself. In short, No one else is wrong, he thinks he is the only one who is wrong.

Su Ming, who was talking to Steel Bone and Sea King, stopped suddenly and looked down, only to see a dirty little boy reaching out to touch his thigh, his expression was very wretched, as if he was about to drool.

Su Ming stretched out a finger and pushed the child away. He has become gay at such a young age. Is it worth it?

“Who is this?”

he asked the steel frame, pointing to the child.

Steel Bone sighed, 南京夜生活论坛 put away the hard drive in his hand, and replied: “He is Kamandi, who claims to be the last boy on earth. He is just curious about the metal used in your armor.”


Su Ming frowned. , Eyes locked on the child, circled around the obviously overwhelmed but composure child, looked up and down, then squatted down and handed him a bottle of soda.

He turned his gaze to the tiger in a red cape like a Spartan warrior, and looked at the 江苏桑拿论坛 kobold who was wearing a green uniform and round glasses but always

awake. “The tiger’s head is Taftan? The dog’s head is Kanu. Dr.

Si ?” He opened the cap of Kamandy’s soda bottle, signaled that it was drinkable water, and then asked the people the child was carrying.

The boy dared to take a sip of soda. He believed that his own kind would not harm him. Then he felt the wonderful touch of carbon dioxide in his mouth, and his eyes widened in surprise.

“Do you know us?”

“Ah, you know, but you shouldn’t be here, tut.”

Su Ming, who was confirmed, took a breath. Sure enough, in the future timeline, DC will upgrade to the super universe.

According to the memories of previous lives, Su Ming remembers “The Last Boy on Earth”, the works of comics master Jack Kobe, and his worldview is 南京龙凤网 completely different from the DC world.

It tells the story of an ordinary apocalyptic world where the la