nd, so scared to shrink in Tanton, they would rather starve to death than come out.

Since these people chose to stay in the city of Tanton, and the war on the plane of Yero is still going on, it is necessary to dispel the fear in their hearts and let the residents of Tanton city dare to take up arms against the Nibru spider people.

Picking up weapons to resist, perhaps you can also rush out of the predicament of death.

But if he just sits and waits for death, then maybe the next time the Nibulu spidermen initiate a siege war, Tanton City will really fall. 南京桑拿会所

I said Justus: “! Such a large number of food suddenly appeared in the Tanzanian city of Dayton, Disney will make you feel tired and think how Lee Knight, which will make the city adventuring group how to think, not explain ah”

time and space After all, the secret of the Hammer of the Breaker cannot be known by too many people.

Justus pointed to the granaries built in the rain at Camp Trum, and asked me: “Then what shall we do now, not to mention the Thunder Rhinoceros on the plane of Yero, even the larger magic caravans with cargo can’t be found. Is it possible for these barbaric slaves to carry these tens of thousands of bags of wheat to

Tanton City on their shoulders?” Bernd and Kalantuo, who stood by, also cast their attention.

After all, Bernd is currently in charge of commanding the barbarian 江苏桑拿论坛 slave team, and Kalantuo is in charge of the orc formation warrior group. If I want to transport food into Tanton City, I must use barbarian slaves and orc warriors.

Tauren warrior Luca squatted beside Catalina. The two of them pointed at the barbarian slaves in this camp. At this time, they didn’t care about the content of the conversation.

I said to Justus: “I want to make this a 南京夜生活论坛 material transfer station, just like those camps in the jungle that can be temporarily supplied. Let the adventurers in Tanton who dare to go out of the city take the initiative to buy food here. They brought the food back to Tanton, and they wanted someone