back of the photo reads the Cairo Museum. As for the seal, the image of the beetle was used in many places in Egypt, and the source cannot be verified. , I consulted the Cairo Museum, and they are not clear about it.” Alfonso explained in detail.

“Could it be that Mr. Abraham became a prisoner of the British army?” Big Ivan asked curiously.

“No, no, it would be fine if he became a prisoner.”

Alfonso looked regretful. “Actually, not long after the Battle of Alamein, Abraham drove away in a captured jeep.”

“Escape .” Now?” The Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix brothers glanced at each other tacitly with a smile. This operation was very Italian.

Alfonso’s old face 南京桑拿楼凤网 was also a little embarrassed, “I once visited the Italian veterans who I knew my grandfather at the time. They remembered this incident still freshly. It was not long after the Battle of Alamein turned into a decline, and my father Driving a jeep seized from the British army that night went missing.

Some of his comrades in arms said that he was a deserter, some said that he was for a woman, and some said that 南京桑拿网 he discovered the treasure of Pharaoh, but no matter what For what reason, what he did has become a laughing stock.”

” Where did these two photos come from?” Nanjing Longfeng asked curiously.

“That was after the end of the Battle of Alamein.”

Alfonso took out the third photo, “This is a letter my grandfather sent to my family at the time. The translation roughly means that because he is worried 南京夜生活spa论坛 about being liquidated by the Allies, he is planning to wait for the end of the war before returning home, and he also told me His grandmother went well in Cairo, and even found clues to the Pharaoh’s gold treasure, but until the end of World War II, we never received any news from him.”

“Clues to the Pharaoh’s gold treasure?” Great Ivan Asked in surprise, “Did Abraham enter the pyramid?”

Alfonso shook 南京夜网 his head. “His letter didn’t mention the details of the Pharaoh’s treasure, but he sent back an amulet to my grandmother.” A