ession on his face.
He saw that there was an obvious stagnation in Rongguang!
He stood up and stopped in the air until the football arrived, and then shook his head to attack the goal. At that time, there were no more Manchester United players in the airspace around him. No one can stop him or interfere with him.
Goal is a matter of course, a matter of course,
but this fact still shocked Cristiano Ronaldo-how could he stay in the air? How can he hit this ball?
He couldn’t accept this fact for a while.
That is, he found that glory’s 南京夜生活论坛 header technique is actually very good!
The reason why he hadn’t scored with a header before was also normal. Who can guarantee that you can score a goal every time you take off and compete for the top?
Rongguang ran wildly in the rain. When he turned a corner, he fell to the ground because of the slippery ground. He didn’t get up at all. He 南京桑拿论坛 lay on his back on the ground, letting the rain drip on his face and body.
Excited teammates rushed up, pressed him under them, and stacked Arhat to celebrate the goal.
An away goal was scored to take the lead, and our training these days has paid off! The tactics are effective!
This is the happiest thing for everyone.
Effective tactics means that their hopes of winning are greatly increased!
The Bayern Munich players were very happy, but the reporters in the stands were very surprised.
“Rong he scored with a header?”
“I’m not mistaken? Just now, Rong Mingming jumped early, how can he still reach the ball?”
” Still in the air! He has a very obvious stagnation in the air!”
“You are Say the basketball superstar Michael Jordan is stuck in the air like that?”
“Yes, it is exactly that kind of stuck air! His body has a 南京水磨会所 noticeable slowing down after rising to the top.”
“But how is it possible? How many football players can do it? of? ” ”
Yes ah, you’re not wrong? football shoes and basketball shoes support the players bounce is different, another difficulty on the soft turf on take-off have more than soli