nths ago, and his smiling face was suddenly pulled down.
When they looked at Verapan’s smile, they all thought of the “smirk”.
In the end, China and Japan, Bahrain, and North Korea were placed in Group B.
This grouping has also caused a lot of repercussions in China, and being with the 南京桑拿会所 Japanese team is itself a topic of hype.
In fact, compared with Group A, the situation of Group B is relatively clearer. In this World Cup in Germany, Asia has 4.5 seats. The first two teams from each group will go directly to Germany, and the third team with the best results will compete with Oceania for another seat.
From a calm analysis point of view, the current Chinese football environment is developing in a positive direction, but the strength of the national team is still not satisfactory. Neither Bahrain nor North Korea are good opponents, let alone Japan, the gap is not a day or two. Therefore, the ideal situation for the Chinese team to qualify is behind Japan, and the group will qualify for the second place, fighting for four games between Bahrain and North Korea, and the game against Japan is not lost.
But on the 南京龙凤网 other hand, the reform work of the Football Association has just started, and a victory is urgently needed to let everyone see hope and give people optimism. Therefore, the game against Japan is absolutely not to be missed.
In view of this pressure, Ali Han recalled all the overseas legions, and the match with the Japanese team did not start until March 20. These returnees rushed back as soon as they finished their respective leagues.
Yang Pan, Zhang Jun, An Ke, Wang Hui, Shao Jiaying, Li Yi, and even young soldiers like Li Yongle were called back. Ali Han wanted to be a little safer in terms of staffing, while Qiu Suhui wanted to get Li Yongle and Anke to exercise. At the same time, they also played a certain role in the competition of their respective clubs. After all, they are members of the national team!
It is the second time that Zhang Jun has been selected to the nati