e was
a crisp sound.
Sun Hao’s three-pointer entered the net, and the shouts on the scene stopped abruptly.
The goal was clean and neat, like a basin of cold water falling from 南京龙凤网 the sky, directly extinguishing the emotions of the fans on the spot!
Lasso saw Sun Hao’s goal, and his frowning brows finally relaxed.
Although Sun Hao’s style of play has never been seen before, it is a good style to be able to throw the ball in.
Looking back, Navarro asked Sun Hao for a sudden, trying to eat him 南京龙凤论坛 with his height.
But Sun Hao gave enough confrontation, and Navarro’s throw still failed to score!
Gabajosa protected the defensive rebound and turned to Prigioni.
Sun Hao’s “Fast Break Terminator” badge made a quick break, and after receiving a long pass from Prigioni, he threw off the defender’s layup and scored!
He personally played a wave of 5-0 attacks!
This wave of scoring not only helped Real Madrid surpass the score, but also led by 3 points in turn!
“%¥%##” The
Barcelona coach was very angry and shouted at the players on the sidelines.
The advantage that was finally obtained was broken by a short player who appeared out of nowhere, and he was still a yellow-skinned player!
This makes it difficult for him to accept!
His anger played a role, and the Barcelona team obviously strengthened the defense of Sun Hao’s off-ball 南京夜生活论坛 position.
Sun Hao didn’t get the comfortable cell phone meeting as before.
The field entered the defensive battle again. Not only did the iron strikes frequently, but there were also several 30-second violations.
The score of the two teams has not changed.
In an attack by Real Madrid, Gabajosa had no chance on the inside, and at the last moment he threw the ball into the hands of outside Sun Hao.
Sun Hao was at least one meter away from the three-point line at this time.
In the eyes of most players, this position is an inability to complete the shot.
Even Sun Hao’s defender has turned around and prepared to rush for defensive rebounds.
Sun Hao f