d to be in the European arena is back.
After scoring a goal, Sun Hao also followed up with a blowgun celebration.
The fans on the spot started to cheer up.
It’s this kind of feel!
Duncan continued to respond to the free throw line, but the Mavericks’ defense was in a good position, and Parker’s layup was destroyed by Body Loga.
The 南京龙凤论坛 rebound was also accepted by him.
The Spurs quickly retreated to halftime and didn’t let the Mavericks start the fast break.
Turning into position, Sun Hao continued to greet Dampier for the pick-and-roll!
This time, let 南京龙凤网 alone Popovich, the fans on the scene also found out.
The Mavericks’ strategy tonight is singles.
Nowitzki fights, Nowitzki finishes Sun Hao fight!
It’s another two-step quick shot after the pick-and-roll.
Robinson had already snatched it out in advance, but he still failed to keep up with Sun Hao’s shot.
You have to say that basketball skills are complicated and complicated, but simple and simple.
In fact, Sun Hao’s style of play has not changed much, the only difference is that it is fast and faster.
But as fast as 0.1 or 0.2 seconds, the result is completely different.
This is also why Curry can become the leader of the small ball in the future, because he is the only one who can shoot quickly and accurately.
Sun Hao’s current style of play is like this, which is also his weapon for the Champions League.
The ball spun over Robinson’s fingertips towards the basket.
In the eyes of the fans on the spot.
“Huh!” There
was another crisp sound.
Sun Hao, hit the second three-pointer in a row!
The fans on site are already hilarious.
If you want to score a goal, Sun Hao only scored two goals.
But you have to say that the effect and visual impact are comparable to a wave of offensive climax!
But the Spurs were obviously not that easy to defeat. Looking back, Duncan assisted Jackson and made a three-pointer in the bottom corner.
The perimeter strength of the Spurs is much stronger than last season!