ball forward, but passed the football back.
In this way, the Manchester 南京炮网 City players fell back in the midfield.
“Rong does not seem to want to embarrass Bayern Munich anymore. It’s a foregone conclusion. If you lose one more goal, it won’t look good” John Mortensen explained to the English fans in front of the TV.
“At this time, everyone can understand Glory’s approach. He can score if he wants to score, but there is no need to score this goal. He can’t score this goal, and Bayern Munich can’t make it back. After all, it is his old club. Rongguang still saves some face to Bayern Munich. It’s just that Bayern Munich is not up to it.” He Ping also said with emotion. “Seeing that Rong left Bayern Munich, he had a better life. The money was not lost and the honor was also increasing. I really don’t know how Hernes feels at this time.”
“Man City fell in the backcourt and Ron was alone in the frontcourt, but no 南京龙凤论坛 ball passed to his feet, he didn’t run, and he didn’t raise his arm to ask for the ball. He just stood there. The game is over! “Marcel Leif said with a sigh, Glory has done his best, no matter who it is, there is no way to criticize it.
The only goal that Rongguang scored was due to the professional ethics of a professional player, 南京水磨会所 and now he chose not to score because of his feelings for Bayern Munich. He became the number one player in the world here, and there are many fond memories that belong to him, and he doesn’t want to do things too far.
At this time, the latest news came from another stadium-the match between Bordeaux and Real Madrid was over. Bordeaux withstood the storm-like offensive of Real Madrid at the last moment and finally defeated Real by a score of 2:1. Madrid!
As a result, Bordeaux had eight points and jumped to second place. Bayern Munich ranked third with seven points. Even in the last half-minute, Bayern Munich can score a goal, tie the score, and score eight points with Bordeaux, it will not help.
Because in the case of the same points, it is necessary to c