Then he smashed the Qatari player and rushed to the football.
He wants to pass the football, he has seen Gao Zheng running forward.
But Qatar didn’t let him go so easily. 南京龙凤论坛 Another Qatari player rushed up and tackled the football, trying to destroy the football before Zheng Zhi.
The two slammed into each other sturdily and fell to the ground at the same time.
What about football?
As Gao Zheng ran forward, he looked back and saw the football rolling over against the turf.
He also saw the captain who collided with his opponent and fell to the ground afterwards.
But at this time he can’t take care of other things, because football is here!
“Zheng Zhi!! After he got a kick with his opponent, he still passed the football! Gao Zheng received the ball in a
short time , the Chinese team’s chance!!!” He Ping shouted excitedly.
On the TV, Gao Zheng turned the football that was rolling forward, and at the same time, he turned around and cut into the penalty area.
Facing the attacking Qatar goalkeeper Hibb, he decisively kicked his foot and rubbed the football towards the upper corner of the goal in the distance.
The football drew a clear arc, bypassing Hibb’s ten-finger pass far away, and when it was about to fly to the corner flag, it magically turned back and plunged into the goal of Qatar!
Chapter 51:
“Opportunity! Gao Zheng 南京夜生活论坛 makes a good shot!!! Beautiful!”
He Ping shouted in the commentary booth.
In front of the TV, countless Chinese fans jumped up and cheered for the goal.
Although it only equalized the score, not overtaken, the equalization is the first step in the overtake. If you can’t even equalize the score, then what is going to talk about overtaking?
This is definitely a happy thing, but after Gao Zheng scored, he did not celebrate, but turned and ran towards Zheng Zhi.
Before he caught the ball, the last time he saw the captain was that the captain collided with the opposing player, and then fell to the ground with his ankle.
After he scored, Zheng Z