ttack wildly in the last few minutes.
Simeone shared his thoughts with assistant coach Boggs, and Boggs fully agreed with his arrangement.
“The worst result is just to drag the game into a penalty shootout. But we have specially trained for penalty kicks before the game, so there is nothing to be afraid of.” Boggs said.
Although Atletico Madrid lost to Real Madrid in overtime two years ago, time has passed and the situation today is different from then.
At that time, Atletico Madrid was dragged into overtime by Real Madrid when the game was about to end. It was only one minute away from the first win in history. This huge 南京炮网 psychological gap caused the team to collapse in overtime.
Now it’s different, it’s Atletico Madrid consciously dragging the game into overtime.
The players are mentally prepared and physically more energized than their opponents, and there will be no situation where the opponent will be overwhelmed in overtime.
So this arrangement is no problem.
So Simeone was ready to get up and go to the sidelines to tell the players that they should recover their formation appropriately and don’t let Real Madrid take advantage of their opportunity to suppress the attack.
The narrators from various countries in the narration booth can also see the current situation. In all likelihood, this game will be overtime.
“Overtime is very cruel for both teams, but it is not so cruel that it is completely unacceptable. Especially Atletico Madrid, they are 南京桑拿论坛 more physically fit, and playing for 30 minutes should not be a big problem. It is the Royals. Madrid has to worry about it,” Jose Maria said.
“In fact, I hope the game can be over within 90 minutes. After all, it is hard for everyone to stay up late to watch the game. But for the moment, I am afraid that playing overtime is more 南京夜生活论坛 beneficial to Atletico Madrid.”
He Ping’s statement has also been accepted. Yang’s approval: “Simeone is very smart and calm. He didn’t choose to rashly because he seemed to be in a good situation. Cristiano