s sharp edge alone, attracted all the defensive players to his side, and then turned these people up and down, and finally even gave the goalkeeper to the goal, and then shot the football into the goal.” Alan Hansen’s expression was very vivid, which made fans in front of the TV think of the individual heroic goals of Rongguang.
“I’m not saying that this is not good. Rong can always score such goals. It proves that he is very strong. It is very difficult for most people to score a goal like that,南京桑拿会所 but Rong can always score and score many such goals. Ball. But because of Rong’s talents and abilities, I think he should be given more expectations and stricter requirements. For Rong, it’s not enough to show the limelight by himself, although his way of scoring goals like that It’s beautiful, but it’s very risky. I’m not talking about the risk of not scoring the ball. I’m talking about the risk of injury. No one can guarantee that there will be a madman on the court who suddenly loses his mind, just like Rorik Cana. Same”
Alan Hansen talked freely.
“And what makes me happy about this ball is that Rong learned to hide him in the team so that the opponent’s defensive focus is not on his body, and he can do a lot of things. I think a truly great player must not only be able to be at his feet Perform well with the ball, and also 南京夜生活论坛perform well without the ball. I am very happy to see that Rong is making progress in this area.”
“Said makes sense, Alan hidden in a team can have their glory will be terrible. Like a sniper ambush in the jungle dressed in camouflage as his opponent so it will become more difficult to defend!”
In two When a commentator discussed 南京龙凤网 glory, the game had restarted.
After losing the ball, Manchester United faced a very difficult situation.
Ferguson stood on the sidelines, frowning and staring at the court.
The timing of the goal is really bad. If you must lose the ball, Ferguson hopes to lose the ball towards the end of the first half. In this way, he can make adjustment