lt helpless and regretful for losing the ball, it is not the time to be frustrated. The game has only started for 20 minutes, and there are still 70 minutes left. Arsenal is not incapable of making a difference. !
After all, we have mastered the 南京品茶网 weaknesses of Manchester City!
So he roared loudly from the sidelines to make the players cheer up.
“Find their weaknesses! They have weaknesses!”
Wenger shouted from the sidelines.
At the same time, he pointed his finger at Diego Godin, the 23-year-old Uruguayan central defender who played the Premier League for the first time since the transfer to Manchester City.
If he can do it, he even wants to put a striking mark on Godin’s head, so that when Arsenal players are playing on the field, they can find weaknesses in Manchester City’s defense as soon as they look up.
Wenger’s roar restored the fighting spirit and confidence of the Arsenal players, allowing them to recover from the panic of losing the ball.
Yes, we know the weaknesses of Manchester City’s defense!
A fierce attack on this weakness will surely tie the score! 南京龙凤网
The game continued after the Arsenal players kicked off.
After losing the ball, Arsenal originally wanted to quickly launch a counterattack, but their attack was only completed once and was pressured back by Manchester City’s overwhelming swift offensive.
Manchester City, which is leading at home, launched a wave of offensives towards Arsenal’s goal amidst the screams of the home team fans.
These offensives are so fast that Arsenal can’t breathe.
Why use weaknesses to equalize? It would be nice to be able to stop losing the ball now!
Manchester City’s offensive frenzy lasted about ten minutes before finally dwindling.
Arsenal can finally catch their breath.
Fortunately, their goal did not continue to fall in these ten minutes, and the entire line of defense was finally held.
Thinking about it now, I’m really scared-if Manchester City score another goal in these ten minutes, then this game will probably be to