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while A day later, the German newspaper Bild reported that the Bayern Munich club has officially appealed to UEFA, hoping to cancel the yellow card of glory so that he can participate in the second round against Arsenal.
“Who knows these rules? I really don’t know.” At home, Rong Guang said this to Dai Bo La and Sun Fengyang in front of him in a grievance.
Not being able to participate 南京品茶网 in the game, he has lost not only appearance fees and various bonuses, but may also lose the opportunity to participate in the Champions League final.
Deborah lowered her head: “I didn’t tell
Rong either, because I think this is too unpopular, Rong is unlikely to encounter it. It’s all to blame.” Sun Fengyang shook his head: “It’s not anyone’s responsibility. Since everything is like this, Bayern Munich Munich is appealing, trying to cancel your yellow card.”
“I know this. The manager called me.” Rong Guang nodded.
“But I don’t think you should have any hope, Rong. It is very difficult to cancel the yellow card, unless there is evidence that you have been wronged. But the fact that you violated the rules is a no-brainer. The penalty scale can be disputed, but the rules are there and there is no problem. So,”
Sun Fengyang said to Rongguang.
After hearing what Sun Fengyang 南京龙凤网 said, Rong Guang clenched his fist: “Damn it!”
Cannot participate in the second round of the semi-finals, he can only hope that his teammates can give some strength.
But this kind of side-viewing, but I can’t help at all. It’s really bad.
Sun Fengyang was right. Bayern Munich’s appeal 南京桑拿会所 was rejected by UEFA. After all, Rongguang really violated the rules, and the rules are indeed requirements. The referee shows the yellow card. The rules treat everyone equally, and you will not receive special treatment just because you are more popular and famous.
If UEFA really avoids the yellow card of glory, I am afraid it will cause more and bigger protests in European fo