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On the evening of the 16th, on the second day after the official contract with Nike, the
team 南京419论坛 continued to sit on the home court against the Warriors. Su Feng felt like wearing an A cone to play He was possessed by Jordan.
It was the Jordan of the Iron Gang leader, not the Jordan who opened the “God of Heaven”.
In other words, there is a little story about the pair of A-cone 3s on Su Feng’s feet tonight.
That is, after the formal contract with Nike yesterday, Su Feng specifically asked Nike staff to get the contact information of the “old gangster”.
Su Feng always felt that Jordan’s tone on the phone at the time was a bit tired, as if his whole person had been hollowed out.
On the phone, Jordan did not say to himself, “You are not worthy to wear AJ”, and Su Feng was surprised that besides issuing himself a permit to wear A cone,
Jordan actually encouraged himself on the phone. ?
Judging from the ground, is the reality so absurd?
“You have performed very well recently. Come on, try to lead the team to a more advanced position.”
Su Feng: ”
Speaking of reason, this Jordan, shouldn’t he be pierced by someone?
But Su Feng didn’t think too much at the time.
In his opinion, as long as he can successfully obtain the permit 南京桑拿论坛 to wear AJ.
Su Feng swears to the sky that he never c