work hard, for the future.
turned the information for so long, the most interesting is that a few Huang Deren Zhang sophomore at the time the photographs, as well as a signed “Chen Huafeng,” the man wrote, “Sophie’s World” feature articles. The former is a photo of Zhang Jun and Sophie hugging by the side of the heavy rain. This group of photos is enough to prove that Zhang Jun and Sophie are a couple. The latter proves how important Sophie is in Zhang Jun’s football road.
With these two things, he would be enough to strike back at anyone who is skeptical of the views of his article. Not to mention those big and small match reports and other photos. It’s really strange why the reporters didn’t think of the Luoyang Library 南京桑拿会所 as a place?
Huang Deren suddenly felt a sense of getting the legendary martial arts cheats.
The cheats are in hand, I have them, wow haha!
“Hey, where to go to play at night?”
“Play? You know how to play! I’m going to study in the study room at night.”
“Cut! Are you going to see Meimei?”
“No? You still have to be so tired This energy?”
“Just kidding! Don’t listen to him nonsense”
“Oh? Oh?! Oh!!”
A group of people coaxed out of the training ground, and another day of training was over. Although the school has not yet started, the college football league finals postponed by SARS will be held in Sichuan SC University in September, so the football team that has just returned from South Korea directly started training. Their goal is to win the national championship.
It’s just that one person’s goal is not here.
“Li Yongle, rest and rest. Sometimes it’s not good for yourself to be too desperate.” Bai Hongfei reminded his disciples from the sidelines that Li Yongle shouldn’t be so desperate just after his foot injury.
“I know, coach. But because of my foot injury, I lost a lot of progress, and 南京419论坛 now I have to make up for it.” Li Yongle didn’t mean to take a break.
“Progress? Our training schedule is not tight, right?” Bai Hongfei was a little str