y the Raptors with false defenses, in front of the TV, many fans felt that the familiar waves of the Raptors were about to be Lei.
However, the overall state of the Nets tonight is indeed above the Raptors.
At the end of midfield, Su Feng always felt that he was quietly opening Pandora’s box.
Because in the second quarter, with the Raptors guarding the penalty area, the Nets finally caught up with a three-pointer. Can you believe it?
This season, judging from the average number of three-pointers per game of each team, with the exception of some traditional teams, most of the teams 南京夜生活论坛averaged more three-pointers per game than Su Feng remembered.
As we all know, the future of the NBA’s offensive space will become larger and larger, not only related to the version changes, but also related to the players’ shooting skills becoming more and more sophisticated.
Take the big fort as an example.
In 2000,南京龙凤网 big players who can shoot three-pointers are basically rare.
But in the future, among the inside players, if you can’t make a three-pointer, you might even be embarrassed to go out.
But in this life,
after the Raptors passed the three-point proof last year, now more and more teams have begun to work hard on the three-point tactic.
Although, due to the problem of the game version, the benefits of three-pointers are far less than in the future, but it is obvious that the story of counterfeit defense eating all over the sky is already in the past.
After halftime, 59 to 55, with Su Feng scored 36 points in the half, the Raptors only led the Nets by 4 points.
Throughout the first half of the game, the Raptors made a total of 7 three-pointers, while their opponent Nets made as many as 9 three-pointers.
Therefore, during the intermission, 南京419论坛 Davis, who felt that tonight’s situation was “very dangerous”, had to use his ultimate tactic.
Facts have proved that although history has no ifs and
ifs, but based on the status of Carter and McGrady tonight, if Davis believes in D’Antoni’s evil in t