ter City in the game!
The media is generally optimistic about Arsenal’s defeat of Manchester City, although it is Manchester City’s home game.
Or no matter how bad, Arsenal should not lose to Manchester City on the road.
Because the next game is against Bayern Munich.
Manchester City will definitely keep their power to deal with Bayern Munich. After all, it was Manchester City’s first Champions League game after thirty-nine years. Whether it is the club executives, coaches, ordinary fans and players, they will pay more 南京水磨会所 attention to it.
To this end, he may choose to stay in the game against Arsenal.
In the contest with Arsenal, if you still stay strong, don’t even want to win!
Manchester City’s home game against Arsenal is coming soon.
Before the game, the two sides announced their respective starting lists.
Arsenal sent the strongest lineup here. As a major player in the national team, the match day of the national team does not seem to affect their formation.
The vengeance is evident.
What surprised everyone at Manchester City is that Benitez doesn’t seem to have any reservations about the next Champions League group match.
He has almost all the main players he can rank in, no matter whether they have just participated in the national team game or not!
In addition to the central defender position, the Uruguay international replaced 南京炮网 the injured Kompany.
However, it was a little surprising on the right back.
Since all other positions are the main players, why didn’t the main player Sabaletta at the right back start?
Replaced by the young teenager Mika Richards from the Manchester City youth academy!
Did Sabaletta also get injured in the national team game?
I 南京龙凤论坛 haven’t seen the relevant news
. Why is it just that Sabaletta was replaced by Richards?
A reporter raised this question to Benitez at the pre-match press conference.
“Sabaletta is a little tired, so we let him rest.” This is how Benitez answered the question.
In fact, of course not, but Benitez did