But Rongguang persevered. Although it sounds incredible, based on Kaka’s understanding of Rongguang, based on Rongguang’s physical fitness, he said that he can persist in this kind of special training. It also makes sense
only that kind of training. The content card stuck in my mind and imagined whether I could complete this kind of training by myself.
He thought for a long time, and in the end he could only admit 南京炮网 that he couldn’t finish it and couldn’t persist in his heart very frustrated.
The rest is easy to say, mainly the training program for running ten kilometers with walnuts. As long as the walnut touches the edge of the road, you have to go back to the starting point and start from the beginning. This requirement is too 南京419论坛 harsh. That is to say, even if you successfully ran 9,999 meters before, as long as you made a mistake in the last metre, you will lose all
your previous efforts. Kaka believes that this requirement may have a greater impact on the mind than on the body. How many people can Can withstand the huge impact of this failure at the last moment before success?
But Rongguang has withstood such a shock test countless times in such training, and he has survived.
It’s no wonder that Rongguang’s mental quality is always very good when he plays football. After being trained in this way, his psychological quality can’t be bad.
Finally, Rongguang told Caroline how he was helped by the old god after a serious ankle injury. He recovered, relying on the old god’s unique massage techniques and acupuncture, froze his ankles to recover after the operation. 南京品茶网
Caroline was listening with stars in her eyes, and she wished she could fly directly in front of the old god to show him Kaka’s injuries.
Even though Kaka did not give out any admiration, the power of stepping on the accelerator under his feet increased, and the speed was much faster than before.
So that they soon returned to downtown S?o Paulo.
Caroline took advantage of the situation and suggested not to eat lunch