is the idol who led him to the road of basketball.
In Su Feng’s previous life, Yao Ming, who carried the expectations of hundreds of millions of people, did not choose to leave early at Staples.
So how can he leave this stage today?
“Come on! Philadelphia gangsters!”
“Hurry up and pull Feng Ge from that damn throne!”
“Although I am looking forward to Feng Ge being able to establish his dynasty this season, Yao, no matter what, today You have to win for me tonight!” In
front of the TV, countless Chinese fans have begun to cheer for the 南京品茶网 Philadelphia bandits.
In Philadelphia, a few hundred kilometers away, in the Zhongzhou Arena, the “Yao Song” also sounded at the same time.
In Boston, Duncan, who is preparing for a battle with the Nets tomorrow night, smiled and said: “Let the future go to hell, grasp the present is king!”
Toronto, Airline Center Arena.
About half an hour later, when the news of Toronto’s fall by Philadelphia spread across the world, on this day, it was like returning to that afternoon in 1997.
To be sure, before the start of this round of the series, many American experts believed that the Philadelphia bandits had a chance to win this round of the series.
But it was
n’t until Su Feng and his Raptors were really defeated that people didn’t realize it.
It turned out that this Raptors could be defeated.
119 to 112.
On the court, at the moment when the 南京419论坛 timer went to zero, Su Feng did not have that heart-wrenching feeling different from Jordan back then.
On the contrary,
looking at Yao Ming, Iverson, Christie and others who were bursting this night, Su Feng became more and more excited.
Originally, as the oldest player in this Raptors team, at the end of the 南京水磨会所 game, Barkley was also going to step forward to comfort Su Feng.
After all, Su Feng, who scored 52 points on this night, seemed to Barkley to do his best.
But who would have thought that Su Feng turned around and said to Barkley: “Charles, I like basketball more and more.”
“You really don’t hav