strong, and he goes down quite quickly after taking it apart.
Sun Hao saw Brand pounce on 南京龙凤网 the outside and directly passed the ball in.
After receiving the ball, Jackson turned directly to the basket and pressed Francis to score the ball.
Although his physical fitness is obviously inferior to Martin, his basic skills in all aspects seem to be solid.
To be honest, he is 25 years old. Although he has just entered the NBA, he has been polished very well in all aspects.
The upper limit is not high, but the level is good.
5 to 11.
Francis hit the basket and was defended by Jackson.
The first-year team played a fast break, and Sun Hao dribbled the ball to the frontcourt and made a three-pointer before taking a shot.
The ball traversed a perfect parabola in the air.
“Huh!” There
was another crisp sound.
Sun Hao made consecutive three-pointers!
The cheers on the scene broke out instantly.
This kind of three-point shooting 南京水磨会所 scene is not enthusiastic, but it is comfortable to watch!
Just like chocolate, indulge in silky smoothness! (Advertising fee 50 cents)
This time Sun Hao didn’t blow the gun any more, but just smiled faintly.
Although the game turned into a Scourge, he felt right before the game.
Autumn today is high and fresh, suitable for every day.
“Daddy, it’s really cool!”
Curry couldn’t hide his excitement on the sidelines, he liked this way of playing so much.
“Daddy’s style of play is better.”
Seth was not too cold and tried to speak for his dad.
Old Curry couldn’t help laughing when he heard it.
My two sons are destined to embark on different life paths.
8 to 11!
In an instant, there were only 3 points left on the field!
Three-pointers, a big killer at the moment of chasing points.
Looking back, Odom continued to hold the 南京419论坛 ball.
This time he deceived his teammates and Martin with a fake pass, and scored steadily with a slick shot that turned and went to the basket.
The second-year team, keep scoring!
A talent visible to the naked eye, the 19