enal’s defensive attention, and then passed the football to Gross Kreuz who was in the penalty area. Pick a pass from the right into the penalty area. Aubameyang took a volley shot from nine meters in front of the goal, and the football went slightly wide of the right post.
The Arsenal fans in front of the TV were shocked in a cold sweat.
In the thirty-seventh minute, 南京桑拿会所 Dortmund launched a quick counterattack. Zhou Yi directly passed the football obliquely from the backcourt to Mark, who came from the side to the right. Mark had just received the ball and planned to take the football forward, so he took the football. When I went out, I was thrown to the ground by Arsenal’s defensive players.
This was originally a foul action, and the stands were also booed.
However, the referee did not say that because Royce had already plugged in at high speed, walked around the fallen Mark, and caught up with the football in front.
In this case, of course, the offensive advantage principle should be adhered to, so that the game can continue smoothly.
After Royce received the ball, he was almost about to form a single shot, so Arsenal’s defensive focus naturally shifted to his side. Suddenly, two Arsenal players 南京品茶网 rushed to stop Royce or push him to the wing so that he could not directly threaten Arsenal’s goal.
Royce is also smart, knowing that he will continue to dribble forward, and he is not confident enough to get rid of the Arsenal defense. It has attracted two Arsenal defensive players, which means that Arsenal’s defense in other 南京419论坛 places cannot be so tight. So he decisively passed the football to the center.
After receiving the pass from Royce, Aubameyang, who cut in to the center, took the football into the penalty area!
At this time, there are no Arsenal players around him!
“Aubameyang! A chance for Dortmund!”
In Marcel Leif’s shouts, Aubame raised his foot to shoot.
Szczynski leaped to the
side and did not touch the football, but the football did not fly into the goal, but went out from