the rhythm at will without going wrong 南京419论坛 in the running, bombing and positional offense.
This time, Parker took the opportunity to make a quick offense.
Leonard helped Parker set up a cover, but Parker did not accelerate to the side with the cover, but rushed to the side without the cover.
Just as Curry took a step laterally, Parker changed direction 南京桑拿会所 in a big arc and walked to the side of the pick-and-roll.
Being so shaken, the elementary school students were directly passed through.
Parker went inside, facing Wayne, who had returned to the basket, and made a move to the right.
But Wayne was also moving just now, but Parker suddenly moved his center of gravity to the left, passing Wayne at an extremely fast speed.
At that moment, Wayne felt Parker turned into a black shadow, and then flashed to his side in the next second.
The state of the French sports car this season cannot be underestimated.
With this ball, Parker directly shook Wayne, the best defensive player in two consecutive games, and then succeeded in a high toss layup.
Wayne actively jumped up to block, but his fingertips were nowhere near the basketball.
The beautiful counterattacks that Parker instigated time and 南京桑拿论坛 time again were completed like this!
“Tony Parker, a beautiful layup. He shook Curry and Wayne away with continuous and rapid changes!
Do you see how he dangled Wayne? God, there are not many guards in this league who can face Wei directly. Goal under the circumstances!”
Wayne picked up the basketball on the ground and shook his head.
Peak Spurs, well-deserved reputation!
this is just right!
I, Godway, can finally show my strength as a star player!
What can I do with a team that Mousse can handle?
Old thief, look at the trick!
618: The interlocking defenses and the ultimate team offense (4K ticket request)
Parker’s breakthrough made the old thief feel refreshed, and it has been a long time since he was so comfortable.
Look, what shit two consecutive best defensive players?
It’s no