s locker room.
Because he can’t have the opportunity to enter the stadium locker room alone, this is not like a training field, the stadium administrator and the training field administrator are different. He can go to the training ground alone, but he cannot go to the stadium alone.
So from the first warm-up match, Rongguang discovered 南京龙凤网 that Kaka was next to him.
Regarding this reality, whether he wants it or not, he can only accept it.
In this way, Kaka’s position in the stadium’s locker room was fixed-right by Rongguang’s side.
This was decided by Benitez a long time ago, and it was decided together with the seats in the training grounds locker room. The seating arrangements of the training grounds and stadiums are the same. It’s just that Rongguang changed the position of Kaka in the training field locker room.
Now, Rongguang and Kaka are standing side by side in front of their closets, changing the jerseys they will wear when they are waiting for the game.
“I declare first.” Rong Guang who was changing clothes suddenly whispered. “Even if it is the Community Shield Cup, I will not give up.”
Kaka who was changing his clothes paused, then resumed his movements, and said at the same time: “It seems that I will give up such a champion.”
When Kaka followed his teammates into the court, there was always a cameraman with a camera following him by his side, and the camera was always facing him.
His close-up is the longest of all players on the field-the longest including Stoke City 南京桑拿论坛 players.
Although glory is the core of Manchester City, Kaka is the protagonist in this game.
Everyone wants to see what Kaka can perform after the first game.
He barely had a chance to start at Real Madrid last season, and sometimes he couldn’t even make it into the big squad.
The debut scene, for today’s Kaka, is indeed a bit extravagant, and it
is no wonder that it has attracted so much attention.
So can Kaka live up to the opportunity Benitez gave him?
The narrator John Mortensen said: “I th