ean football, such as winning the European Cup. ”
It has been four seasons since I came to Europe, and I finally have a chance to stand The stage of the Champions League final is on.
Godot, I will definitely win the championship this time!
The melodious and vigorous singing echoed over the Olympic Stadium: “They are the best team! The best team, the most important event, a grand gathering, 南京419论坛 a great sports event, they are the best, they are the best They are champions! Champions, best team! Great team”
“Rong, try to become a world-famous star!”
Rong Guang turned around and found Godot smiling at him beside him.
So he laughed too.
Of course, Godot! I am someone who wants to make a lot of money!
He withdrew his gaze without squinting, looking at the whitish turf illuminated by the light, looking at the full-seat stands opposite, and walked firmly.
The only communication between Rongguang and Kaka before the game came when the players of both sides shook hands.
Before that, the two of them did not have any eye contact, although there were multiple cameras aimed at them, trying to capture some interesting pictures.
But let them down, from the beginning of the player tunnel, until the entrance ceremony, Rong Guang has never seen Kaka, and so is Kaka.
Before the game, the media was enthusiastic about the confrontation and various grievances between the two men. Everyone hoped that the two of them would interact frequently in the game. How else would they be hyped?
I didn’t think that Rongguang and Kaka didn’t cooperate at all. 南京品茶网
Until the time to shake hands.
Wearing the glory of the visiting team to deal with, walked to Kaka, and then stretched out her hand: “I will beat you, Kaka.”
Kaka shook it lightly, and hummed at the same time: “Do you only know these words?
” I will have more. Would you like to try it?” Glory responded to Kaka, and then went to the next AC Milan player Gattuso.
Gattuso looked at Rongguang and said sternly, “I want.”
Rongguang ignored him.
“This is