the shots to Gaozheng.
The game on the field was very lively, and all kinds of shouts from the stands were endless.
But Gao Zheng was sitting on the bench.
Two hours before the game, the Chinese team announced the starting list for this game, Gao 南京桑拿会所 Zheng was not among them.
As soon as the news came out, Chinese fans began to worry whether Gao Zheng would not be able to play in this game at all.
So the diagnosis of the Atletico Madrid team doctor is correct. Gao Zheng’s current physical condition is not suitable for the game?
Then why let Gao Zheng come back?
Isn’t it just to boost the team’s confidence?
In other words, the domestic voice is so strong that I dare not recruit Gaozheng to come back.
But when the others came back, they still couldn’t play the game.
This showed that Gao Zheng’s physical recovery was not satisfactory.
Everyone is not only worried about this game, but also about Gao Zheng’s performance afterwards.
The South Korean team also learned at the same time that Gao Zheng did not start.
Although Gao Zheng just didn’t have a starter and was still on the squad, the South Korean team was very happy.
They know that this game is of great significance to the Chinese team. It can be said that the Chinese team can only win but not lose.
So if it weren’t for really not being able to play, Lippi wouldn’t be able to stop Gao Zheng from starting.
As a result, Gao Zheng is only sitting 南京419论坛 on the bench, which shows that Gao Zheng’s body is really worrying.
He is not ready to make a comeback.
But he was driven to the shelves by the duck, and he could only sit on the bench, like a mascot, bringing a little confidence to the Chinese team players on the field.
There is even speculation that the Chinese players might not know what Gao Zheng’s physical condition is. In order not to disappoint them or panic, the team’s coaching staff must have blocked the news.
The South Korean team knows that they are stable in this game.
Only Sun Xingyun has some regrets. He still wan