Looking at the back of 南京桑拿论坛 Rongguang, the Chinese reporters all smiled.
Chinese football has been around for many years, and there is no such a refreshing player.
He is young, aggressive and full of passion.
People can’t help but look forward to his future.
Although China has no shortage of overseas players, this is the first time that these reporters have such a feeling: We finally don’t have to report on European football with the mentality of bystanders.
“Good boy, we scored twice in our debut. It’s amazing!”
“Yeah, yeah, I can be sure that he is a 100% true genius! And not only a genius under Chinese standards, but also a genius standard in the world of football!”
“I just want to know, this time Will Heathfield regret it, aha!”
“Or Molly is right. We should have more confidence in Rongguang. We are his compatriots. If we don’t even support them, who 南京炮网 else will support him?”
Chinese reporters who are in a good mood are not in a hurry. I went back to write the manuscript, but chatted together.
In the evening after the game, many German media focused their attention on Dortmund’s home game against Werder Bremen when reporting on the rounds of the league that ended in the afternoon.
This was originally the focus of media attention, but I didn’t expect that the final protagonists were not the stars they were familiar with, but the glory of the Chinese players who were once considered by them to be parallel imports!
Rongguang’s two goals in the game were played repeatedly.
The sports news program of German TV One is the Bundesliga highlights with the highest ratings. Glory’s goals and performance are the important content of this sports news.
“Two brilliant goals, in front of such 南京龙凤论坛 a goal, I think all doubts will be shattered.” Host Hrade Dilling said.
The next guest on the show, Günter Netzer, curled his lips, shrugged and shook his head: “I can’t say that yet, Herald. This is only a dozen minutes of a game. You are too rigorous to say that.”
Dilling said: “Do you have any qu