e penalty. Facing the skilled Argentine, he even tackled the ball the first time!
what’s the result?
The result is that Camoranesi broke through the left defense of the Chinese team without any effort.
“Damn it!” Yang Pan cursed on the other side. Why was Xiang Tao impulsive at this time?
“Go up one! Don’t let him enter the penalty area!” Anke commanded the defense while approaching the corner. He knew what Camoranesi was good at, and now he didn’t even have time to scold Xiang Tao.
Li Suisheng had to leave Piero to make up for defense, while Li Yongle came back to make up for Piero.
Camoranesi saw that the people had been mobilized, and instead of continuing to break through, he chose to cross.
His cross was not passed into the penalty area, but passed outside the penalty area. At the top of the free throw arc, then Totti was the one who received the ball!
“Bad” Yang Pan wanted to stop, but he was too far from the ground, and Liu Peng rushed out the first time.
But he was still slow, and Totti was already licking his feet.
Great long shot!
“Anke!” Yang Pan can only pin his hopes on Anke.
Anke is indeed leaping towards the football’s 南京夜生活论坛 whereabouts. The angle of the ball is not tricky, he should be able to catch it.
But people are not as good as the sky. In the crowd, the unmarked Cassano turned around, paddling the ball with his heel, and the football suddenly turned in the opposite direction!
At that moment, Anke almost petrified. He watched the football jump up and fly to a place out of his reach, and then land with him. When he watched again, the football was in the goal
No one cared whether the ball was scored by Totti or scored by the card. On the head of Sano, the Chinese team suddenly fell behind 0:1 anyway.
This time, the linesman did not raise the flag, and the referee made it clear that he pointed his finger to the middle circle-the goal was effective!
The nearly 20,000 Italian fans who have been suppressed by Dortmund fans finally 南京419论坛 br