6ers team doctor entered the field to check the injury for Iverson, the team doctor initially determined that Iverson should have sprained his ankle.
But this time, fortunately, Iverson was not injured as badly as last season.
Because there is a saying that
Jaylen Rose just 南京桑拿论坛 didn’t mean it.
Although this product has a conviction in Su Feng’s previous life, a regular season will not allow Jaylen Ross and Iverson to establish a “separate bond”.
According to the 76ers team doctor’s judgment, Iverson will be able to heal in about two weeks, but after two steps with gritted teeth, Iverson firmly believes that he has nothing to do.
For Iverson, who has already missed the playoffs due to injury once, this time, he really doesn’t want to be a spectator.
You know, on April 4, before attending Su Feng’s 20th birthday party, Iverson deliberately tattooed a special tattoo under his biceps.
side by side.
In fact, just as Su Feng doesn’t know how high his status is in Kobe’s mind, in this life, in the eyes of Iverson, Su Feng
is his best “dog friend”.
Therefore, when the referee stopped the game and saw 南京水磨会所 Su Feng’s caring expression on his face, Iverson had made up his mind.
This time, nothing can stop him from fighting side by side with Su Feng.
“Su, I know what you want to say to me, but I know my own body better than anyone, I’m fine!”
Looking up at Su Feng, Iverson’s tone at this moment was firm and unquestionable. 南京419论坛
Su Feng took a long breath, and then said to Iverson: “I know I can’t persuade you,
but Allen, at least you should take a break in this game.”
Nothing, Iverson who is stubborn, then count Su. Fengtian flickered, and it was impossible for him to stop.
On the field, after elbow Su Feng severely, Iverson said: “I am not a fool. I will definitely rest in this game, but I will not rest for a minute in the next playoffs.”
Perhaps it was because I felt that this sentence was not cool enough. After a pause, Iverson added: “Don’t worry, if you can’t kill m