h battle like Liverpool, the team took the lead at the last minute by oneself, scored three goals, and three goals were better than one.
This kind of performance is simply a dream moment that a top professional player dreams of!
He also told Caroline before that he would never lead Manchester City to victory.
As a result, Manchester City is finally ahead.
Although there are still a few minutes before the end of the game, based on Kaka’s understanding of glory, how could he let this difficult lead fly away?
So, seeing this volley, everyone should understand very well-the victory of this game, the glory is about to be determined!
Mark Hughes did not celebrate 南京龙凤网 the goal with excitement after Glory scored. Instead, he was a little nervous, highly nervous.
He is so close to the Victory Gate, but it makes him suspect that this is a trap. Maybe in the next minute, Liverpool will equalize the score
, as if this is the arrangement of fate, everything has been arranged in the dark.
You 南京炮网 can’t escape the first day of junior high school, but not the fifteenth.
He can’t believe he can win now.
When everyone around him was celebrating, he kept his previous posture.
“It’s really rare that Mark Hughes can remain calm at this time.” Now I can’t tell whether Alan Hansen is complimenting Mark Hughes or mocking him.
Mortensen laughed beside him : “No matter what. Said, this is indeed a game related to his own destiny. If he wins, he should really thank Rong. If he does not win, Rong has tried his best. Three goals, all wonderful, Rong is the game The performance was really the best game he had played before joining Manchester City. Compared with the first game, he encountered more resistance and more difficulties in this game, but he has overcome them one by one!”
“I still have to say, Rong is very good, very good, worthy 南京水磨会所 of the two honors of World Footballer and the Golden Globe. But unfortunately he is in Manchester City!” Alan Hansen is still not optimistic about the prospects of Manchester Ci