minute, it does not matter. Atletico Madrid can still complete the reversal of the standings!
At this moment, He Ping remembered his identity as a Real Madrid fan, and he cheered for Real Madrid in his heart.
In front of the TV, I don’t know how many Chinese Atletico Madrid fans cried with joy. At this moment, they also abandoned their hatred of Real Madrid for many years and praised their 南京龙凤网 rivals in the same city.
The friendship between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid was born.
After the game restarted, Barcelona, ??who realized that the sky was about to fall, launched the most violent offensive against the Real Madrid penalty area, hoping to score two goals before the end of the game. Kill Real Madrid.
And Zidane waved his hand, Real Madrid actually set up a bus in front of his goal, intending to hold the lead of the ball.
If one day he wants to leave this team, he will also leave with brilliant achievements, so that everyone will think of him after he leaves, instead of just remembering that he is a shameful loser.
Enrique was pacing back and forth in a hurry from the sidelines. Before Cristiano Ronaldo scored, he had used up all three substitutions. Now he can’t do anything, he can only use it to pace back and ease 南京品茶网 himself. The inner tension.
At this time, if there is an instrument that monitors the heart rate to check Enrique, he will definitely find that his heartbeat is about to break through the sky.
He couldn’t be more clear that this game is not only a national derby, but also related to the efforts of a whole season.
It’s not that Barcelona haven’t lost to Real Madrid at home, but it can’t be this game. If Barcelona is seven or eight points ahead of second place Atletico Madrid in the league standings at this moment, losing this national derby is just a night of sleeplessness for him.
But in the current situation, if he loses this national derby, he may even lose the coach of Barcelona!
After all, his background to succeed Martino was that Martino was robbed of the leagu