wn from the underworld.

These black diamonds have an immeasurable effect for the undead to strengthen their soul power. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the undead clan will strictly control these black diamonds. Almost every corpse witch falls will be paid attention to by many undead powerful. So the number of black diamonds that can be spread from the underworld can be said to be very few.

Moreover, every precious black diamond brought out from the underworld requires a great price from those strong, so the price of these black diamonds is very high.

Qige was able to know that the black diamond belonged to the magic gem of the soul 南京桑拿会所 system, but also because of that auction, the merchant’s hard publicity.

Qige said that maybe that black diamond might have some effect in restoring Guoguo’s mutilated soul.

On the magic caravan, I suddenly realized a very real problem, that is, in the imperial capital, the center of the Green Empire’s power, some things cannot get around the words power and money.

The learning atmosphere in the Royal Academy of Magic is very strong. Walking on the playground of the campus, you can see that the students gathered in twos and threes are talking about magic problems, or someone simply takes 南京桑拿按摩网 out their wand and draws them in front of them. A magic pattern array, and then pointed to a link above, arguing loudly with friends until the argument became red, and never compromised.

When I passed the library, I thought of the tens of thousands of books in it. Each book has a huge attraction to me. I was thinking about how to get a lot of points in the Magic Academy, which is also a priority. Maybe There are books on repairing souls in it, so you must find a way to get some points from the Royal Academy of Magic.

Thinking about those things indiscriminately, he walked back to the dormitory without knowing it.

When I returned to the dormitory building, I saw a group of young maids carrying bags and bags of domestic garbage, walking out of the dormitory building t