pointed at Gui Xiao, “I am preventing my client from confessing guilt.

” Um”, the judge hesitated for a moment after hearing the words. Asked, “You are Tuntian Guixiao’s defense lawyer”

“Yes.” Feng Bujue gave an affirmative answer without changing his face.

“Hey,” Guixiao looked at Brother Jue with false eyes, “Who wants you to defend 南京夜生活论坛 me?”

Feng Bujue completely ignored Guixiao’s questioning, facing the judge, and then said: “Your Honor, the Court of Truth allows The defendant entrusted a lawyer to defend himself, right?”

“Yes.” The judge replied in a deep voice, “but the lawyer appointed by the defendant must be qualified to be a lawyer.” He paused, “I didn’t realize it. Declare, don’t try to get through as a foreign traveler.” He tapped the table with his finger, and continued, “The lawyer qualification I mentioned must be issued by the legal government of a certain legal territory in the main universe. Relevant proof.”

“Humph.” At this time, the brown-skinned prosecutor stood up and said to Brother Jue with a sneer, “Crazy, if you can’t prove your qualifications as a lawyer, then you are also defying the court.

” “Oh.” Upon hearing 南京桑拿会所网 this, Jue turned around and looked at the prosecutor, “You shit-faced birdman, what kind of garlic is it?”

“Shit-faced birdman” The prosecutor has never heard of this in his life. This kind of vocabulary, “Asshole, I am Biff Murray, the famous and famous prosecutor known as the invincible prosecutor, you dare to call me the dung face bird man”

“The shit face bird man, shit face bird man shit face bird man” Feng Bujuezai After listening to the other party’s self-introduction, he repeated the appellation three times in front of the other party, and his tone gradually increased.

Biff trembled with anger, but he was inconvenient to care about the rascal man in front of him. He could only act like a bullied child and complained to the judge: “Your Honor, I protest that he insulted me.”

“Protests are effective.” 江苏桑拿论坛 The judge responded and looked at