ead of a certain Death Eater and pressing it again, or letting the head rotate around the 南京龙凤论坛 neck, and having fun.

An hour passed quickly, and Death stopped.

The ambush bugs immediately ventured over to come over. The original graveyard is now the same as the battlefield of Star Wars, devastated, and there 南京桑拿会所网 are large pits exuding poisonous gas.

“Fallen Knell, after experiencing the death package of the Death God in another world, how do you feel now?” The

microphone stretched out in front of him, and the rain made the radio device puff.

Su Ming looked directly at the battlefield

in front of him, and after removing his mask, he smiled relaxedly: “The taste is a bit weak.” The sigh of death came again, and a large floating black cloth suddenly appeared in front of Su Ming, which was wrapped in a shadowy E. Humanoid objects, but there is nothing in the darkness under the cloth, only pure black.

“I lost. Tell me what you want, great mortal.”

Chapter 1724

Finale Arianna Dumbledore’s soul.

The soul of Lily Evans.

They walked out of the void under the black cloth smoothly, but it seemed that they had no sense of their own, and the translucent white spirit bodies were all bowing their heads, looking muddled.

After confirming that it was the two women themselves, Su Ming gave Grindelwald a wink and asked the old man to deal with it according to the established plan.

The main reason is that Lily needs to be brainwashed after resurrection, which is a bit more troublesome and has to be hidden.

The leaves of the snake tree and the bones of the two women were all carried with them with a non-marking stretching curse, and Su Ming also took out the meditation basin in front of the owner. Of course, Dumbledore only stared at his sister’s soul, not at all. Mind if Su Ming stole this from his office.

The three of them took their two souls and walked to the tomb-keeper’s hut in the distance.

“Well, you still have a chance to ask questions.”

Death took back the resurrection stone and the old