There is a safe and good place called Holy Terra.” Su Ming was still thinking 南京桑拿会所网 about the deal with the emperor. Resident Evil is a good population. The world, while flying and dancing on the cheque, asked at the same time.

Wade took away the check and collected it, and twisted as if holding a pee on the spot: “Of course, basically everyone wants to go to a world without zombies, but I have made a few friends over there, I think Send them to a better world, okay, cousin~~~~”

He 江苏桑拿论坛 started acting feminine and showed a disgusting smile under his mask.

“This is the reason why you found that the world is horrible, but didn’t leave right away, right?” Su Ming pushed the slut away and nodded quickly: “You want to stay there and help new friends.” The

dead waiter shrank with a smile . Shrinking his neck, still sticking out his tongue under the mask, and knocking his head with his 南京龙凤论坛 fist: “Hey, you guessed it again.”

“Oh, you are not a magical girl. Don’t sell cuteness to me here!” Su Ming couldn’t help but retched and kicked his cousin out. He dragged a wide, thick black line on the floor like a rag.

The little cousin got up like nothing else, patted his hands and walked towards Su Ming: “Don’t be excited, cousin, they didn’t mean it, hey!”


When he again 南京桑拿夜网maliciously sells cute, cute The cute owl stared at him again, and the death knell, which was captured from the earth minus 11, slid into the cousin’s abdomen again.

Wade showed helplessness, took two steps back and let the dagger out of his belly: “Okay, so familiar, I’m sure you are the real cousin, even if I am Jiaohua, I don’t pity my attitude at all. , Others can’t imitate it.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,南京龙凤网 it seems that the survivors you collected are not enough for me to deal with the emperor, right?” Su Ming saw through everything, even if Wade didn’t know why he was caught by Xili at first. Throwing into that world, it should be thought of in the next few days.

Although the cousin is mentally ill, he is not stupid. To put it blu