ill value in each game as mentioned in the previous article. Get and so on.

In the end, the team ranked first is the first team of the gods.

This time they are really proud, they have suppressed the order of their old opponents, and have taken the lead on a very credible list.

As for the five monsters in the first team of Order, the result seems to be ranked second, which undoubtedly makes the senior management of Order Studio very dissatisfied. The dream combination of “the first person in thriller paradise” and “the four masters of drunken life and dreams” In such a critical ranking, he was actually surpassed by his opponent. Someone needs to recite this pot, right?

As a result, the leader of the team took the initiative to stand up and conducted a deep review with the leaders of the unit.

“It’s because I’m unfavorable and have no leadership. In such a big game, I only 南京夜生活spa论坛 took second place in the preliminaries. I, as the captain, should take the main responsibility.” Such things make people dumbfounded and are the main content of his review.

Leaving aside the competition between the two established teams, this time the list starts from third place and continues. It can be said to be quite interesting.

First, the third-ranked team is named. This kind of self-defeating team name obviously does not belong to any professional studio. And there are only three videos of their game. This shows that they used the anonymous function throughout the preliminaries and did not join the queue after playing 36 games.

Such a mysterious dark horse will naturally arouse considerable attention. But after seeing the list of members of this team, this mystery disappeared. Because of the five members of 南京龙凤网 this team. There are four of them who have reached the top 50 individual matches in s1.

They are: Uncle Waste Chai, Honghu, King Zhaoying, and Juan Menghuan. These top three are considered to be well-known personal professional players, needless to say. And the identity of tired dreams. It has already been