of his head, his tongue hooked all the grenades accurately.

Throwing out the grenade and swapping out the double guns, watching the wizards fragmented in the explosion, Wade spit out the string and smiled and said:

“The game begins.”

“Start you @&*%! You killed everyone!”

Halle swung his crane gun, knocked on the head like a 南京夜生活spa论坛 sledgehammer, and knocked Wade on the ground.

Chapter 1488


“What are you doing?” Monak looked for a book with a blank face under his arm, and saw that Halle was beating Wade.

Although Deadpool was hammered like a drum, he still crawled on the ground, climbed to the side of the headless corpse, took off all the jewelry from the head dog, and put it in his pocket and eyes. Squinted into a seam.

Some “non-existent audience” told him that Halle is also a cousin’s woman, so it is impossible to resist. Besides, she is just an ordinary person, and a few beats will not hurt or itch for herself.

Not long ago, he was dismembered by Maggie Ken. The woman was playing too much. Although Wade realized the goodness of the female devil, he decided to find someone less perverted next time.

“Oh, 南京夜生活论坛 you finally came out.” Wade’s voice trembles with the frequency of being tapped: “My brother and the other two women were taken away by the gods. Maybe they are still in that big ball now.”

Mona Ke raised his head and glanced at the sky, his face sinking like water, others may not recognize it, but as a top mage, he recognized that it was a dimensional invasion at a glance.

It must be the guy named Naboo who broke Maia’s space and brought his own dimension into it.

Before Gu Yi built the Holy of Holies, I heard that the earth was often invaded by similar ways. This is the method commonly used by the Dimension Demon God.

But unlike the dead dog head, Monak was full of confidence in Su Ming, and being arrested by the other party would only mean that he wanted to be arrested, otherwise he would be able to get 南京桑拿会所 away in minutes with his skills.

So the prince of magic qu