Including the weapons on the hands, the metal boots on the feet, the unrepresented armors on the body and the night vision goggles that were just unveiled, etc Anyway, this set of things on gm can basically handle any script below that level. Their equipment is unequipped, extremely powerful and bound items. The six specializations are all d-level. Since the d-level skill 南京桑拿按摩网 activation rate is only 60%, they are not equipped with active skills, and all of them are enhanced. Ability passive skills.

The four of them tracked the derivative coordinates visible in the gm menu and came to a huge basketball arena in the center of the stadium, where there was still no light.

They entered through the entrance and exit of the auditorium, and after 南京桑拿会所网 pushing open the movable door of the passage, the large dark space swallowed the light of the flashlight, and the flashlight in Feng Bujue and Xiao Tan could not shine far away (such as the opposite auditorium) ), Pan Feng’s and Hua Xiong’s night vision goggles have similar effects, and the places that are too far away also look dark. In such a place, monsters similar in size to humans can hide easily by hiding behind a certain row of seats and crouching.


“I want to ask Is it useful to talk to them?” Xiao Tan asked softly, his hand holding the kitchen knife trembling slightly, his palms were full of sweat.

The other three hadn’t answered him yet, but they heard an abrupt muffled noise from behind them. The source of this noise is Dr. Ashford’s mutant, it has already swooped up, and the target is Xiao sigh.

The 南京龙凤论坛script boss was in ambush in the back row above the entrance, which happened to be the blind spot of the four people’s vision after entering. Regardless of where it hides or how it attacks, this is not a choice that ordinary monsters can make.

The derivative knows the real-time coordinates of the players, and Ashford himself can actually tell from the smell which entrance the player comes in. That’s why it ambushes in this critical position, and priorit