I’m so dizzy, as if people are hollowed out.” “Nonsense! How can I see people in the future without meat at the celebration party? No.” 南京龙凤论坛

Gin’s eyebrows were raised, she is the hostess of the house, she should eat everything. Have the final say.

According to the tradition of the hometown, when men go out to fight, women stay behind to support the family, go hunting and prepare a feast for the men to celebrate the triumph. If they are all vegetarian, doesn’t it mean that this woman is incapable?

Although she has lived on the earth for decades, she still 南京龙凤网 hopes to take care of her own man in accordance with the tradition.

“Wait for a while, I went to the Sahara Desert and caught a few wild camels today. We ate roasted whole camels for dinner.” After the

gin, he drank the wine in the horn glass, and the droplets followed her white neck. It slid to the chest and wetted the clothes.

She didn’t care about getting her clothes dirty, 南京桑拿会所网 she brushed a small mouth with her backhand boldly, threw the wine glass to the ground, and rushed to the basement vigorously.

The kitchen is not in the basement, but the armory where Su Ming usually exercises shooting is there. She should have gone to get the flamethrower.



The host and symbiote on the sofa in the living room sighed at the same time. As long as they go home, the gin wine cooking 南京夜生活论坛 meal is a barbecue, or just a sprinkle of salt.

It is because tradition has convinced her that food full of wild flavors can provide more wild power to the eater, similar to what is said in the East.

It’s not wrong to always eat barbecue, but it’s too hot.

“Strangle, write! Cloak, go and send the letter to Xiao Wang, ask him to help the cook, and bring a few hundred kilograms 南京夜生活spa论坛 of spices over. Then you go to Kama Taj to send the second letter Hamill, let him Arranging people to come over for dinner, there are several roasted camels.”

The back of the gin disappeared at the top of the stairs, and Su Ming immediately threw away the pillow and issue