ttle, but considering the decreasing effect of continuous use in a short period of timeFeng Bujue 南京桑拿会所网 glanced at the blood bar in the menu, and his blood was now 89%. Sure enough, it’s not full.

Although Feng Bujue passed the opponent’s slash, the survival value supplement was still pitted by the protagonist’s halo. Because of his flat landing, he would also lose blood So under the protagonist’s principle of immortality, no matter what. Have to reply a little bit.

“Curiosity kills people” Feng Bujue struck a carp, and jumped 南京龙凤网 up: “I quit before I saw you, and there won’t be that much, but now the loss is constantly increasing. ”

K3 looked at Feng Bujue, and snorted coldly: “I don’t know what the loss you are referring to, but I am surprised that you are still alive.”

“Butthis is really great.” Feng No. Jue actually laughed: “It is the various conditions in this script that allow me to fight against a 南京桑拿按摩网 monster like you.” At

this moment, the fanatical person may have lost equipment, skills, items, etc. due to distress. Impulsively and desperately with k3; calm people should immediately withdraw from the script to avoid further losses, and rationally reflect on their previous decisions.

Feng Bujue’s thoughts were very weird. He actually felt that this situation was “rare”. If there is no protagonist’s halo, it is easy for K3 to kill him; if there is no Meng Jing Chan on the sidelines, he has no room for counterattack.

It’s very rare to meet a derivative. It’s really rare for Feng Bujue, who has only e in actual combat, to be able to compete head-to-head with a messy derivative for as long as possible. Unforgettable experience.

“I said, you want to fight, I’ll stay with you to the end!” Feng Bujue suddenly 南京桑拿夜网 burst into red light all over his body. The color is slightly different from the aura of K3, and it is closer to the color of blood, and the temperature of his whole body also rises suddenly. , The air has become blurred.

With the survival value restored, Feng Bujue simply reactivated the