nique in the shortest time.

There will always be some magical pharmacists in the lab building making potions. I asked a potion master to bring some moonlight ink that is not doped with calming flower juice, and the potion master handed me moonlight 南京龙凤网 ink. At that time, I also told me: “Jijia, this tube of ink is not as stable as you think, it will explode if it is not handled properly, you have to be careful.”

Only the magic materials used by Moonlight Ink are available in unlimited quantities. Because the magic herbs for making this ink are available in the academy’s pharmacy, and the material cost is negligible, making a little moonlight ink is not that difficult for those potions practitioners.

Drawing those magical scrolls of fire-gathering is already familiar to me, and soon I took a bunch of scrolls of fire-gathering and ran downstairs to meet Su.

When passing by the ecological garden of the Magic Academy, I saw Bobby and Millie sitting under a palm tree, grinning and not knowing what joy they were talking about. They didn’t notice me outside the window.


When I passed by the school gate, I saw that handsome third-year senior Benjamin was chasing behind Sophie. He didn’t know what he was talking about, but Sophie didn’t pay attention to him. The white silk dress made her look like a beautiful princess. Holding a magic book, she quickly ran towards the teachers’ dormitory area. Her long hair kept flying with the warm wind in the summer, 南京桑拿楼凤网along with it. There was sparkling sweat flying.

Sophie focused on how to get rid of Benjamin. Naturally, he didn’t notice me. Instead, Benjamin saw that I wanted to go outside of school. He greeted me very familiarly, and nodded to Su politely. , Made a standard chivalry ceremony.

On the contrary, his politeness shocked Su, and he hurriedly returned the courtesy. Su looked very strange when he gave the gift.

Sue and I didn’t stay in the magic academy and went straight to the magic grocery store in the small market.

Standing at the door of a small