a special jailer, really! It’s fighting! Special jingeo! Your kid is weak!” Feng Bujue beat the opponent violently, his subordinates mercilessly.

In Feng Bujue’s mind, there are two reasons for the villain’s failure:

First, when he is dominant, he likes ink. Similar scenes can be seen in countless movies: a villain points a gun to the head of the object facing the object, instead of shooting, but talking, 南京桑拿楼凤网 long-winded, chirp, and crooked, and finally using the frontal object. During this period of time, I found an opportunity and turned defeat into victory.

Second, take off your pants and fart. Also in the movie, we can see such a villain. They have guns in their hands, but they always like to tie the protagonist somewhere, put a bomb next to them, and then leave. What kind of behavior is this? This is just 南京龙凤论坛like getting divorced before Bao Ernǎi.

Feng Bujue wouldn’t make this kind of mistake. When the opponent stabbed himself, he quickly fired and attacked continuously, only in exchange for the current overwhelming advantage. At this moment, Feng Bujue was also very firmly implementing a policy, that is, before the opponent turned into white light and disappeared, the attack would never stop.

It’s a pity that this “overwhelming xing advantage” is just an illusion”Hahahahahahaha” King Shadows hugged his head and squatted on defense, embarrassed, but still smiling.

“Shaking mo, this is” Feng Bujue felt that the other party was not dying fast enough, so he changed out the pipe wrench and swiped the other party’s head violently: “First he stabbed himself with a knife, and now he is beaten like this. Pleasant?”南京龙凤网

“Do you think how much of my survival has been consumed by my attacks?” When King Shadow asked this question, his head-protecting arm was hit hard by a pipe clamp, and he was beaten to the ground. , The bones were all exposed, but listening to his tone, it seemed that he didn’t feel any pain at all: “80%? 90%?”

“Then you come and tell me.” Feng Bujue took his arm to his ribs. , And t