tion process are immersed in it and have a big doubt. Does this mean us?” It was

n’t until a pot of fragrant coffee was drunk by the three of them that Alfonso finally turned the topic to his commission, “Sounds very interesting, I want to talk to you Let’s take an adventure 南京夜网论坛 together. Speaking of my commission is also related to World War II, especially after Andrei told me some time ago that you helped the Soviet heroine Katya find her family, I think you might be able to help me find mine. Grandfather.”

Looking for someone again?

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix grinned, when did the Dragon and Bear Adventure Club become a people-tracing club? From the time the ducks were put on the shelves and the club was founded, most of the commissions they received seemed to be looking for people.

“Mr. Alfonso, can you tell me more about your commission?”

“My grandfather Abraham was a reporter with the Italian army during World War II. He followed the Italian army to participate in the Battle of Alamein on the North African battlefield.”

Alfonso said, starting from A black-and-white photo was extracted from a folder prepared in advance and gently placed on the coffee table.

Nanjing Longfeng picked up the photo. The protagonist in this photo has a sideburn, a checkered suit, and a telescope around his neck. Behind him is an Egyptian pyramid.

“My grandfather Abraham was not only a journalist with the army, but also a well-known historian at the time. He was also an 南京桑拿按摩 explorer obsessed with the legend of the Egyptian pharaoh.”

Alfonso took out the second photo and placed it on the table. In the photo, except for the background behind it, it is no different from the previous one, except that there is a paragraph of handwritten Arabic text and a strange seal on the back of the photo. The outline of the seal pattern looks like it has been rolling on the hind legs. The ball of shit shell man.

“This photo was sent back by my grandfather during the last correspondence to my family. The Arabic script on the