ao Qin said. Nodded, “It makes sense.” He paused, “I think you are also a great master, and you are already a little old, so please satisfy your last wish.”

Du Ying heard this, but did not answer. Just waited silently for the other party to continue.

Cao Qin thought for a few seconds, then continued: “Chang Wei, kill Zhu Zhizha; then. The seven masters of the court also killed Chang Wei; then, King Yan and I went to kill the seven masters, but they Scattered into the villa. And called the soldiers outside the door. So, I, the king of Yama, and the maids in this villa, spent a lot 南京桑拿夜网 of setbacks to kill all these people.”

“You” Du Ying, though. After listening to the whole thing. But he didn’t understand the reason, so his face was still surprised and suspicious, “Who are you?”

“He is like my father and my teacher.”

The person who answered this question. It turned out that it was the king of Yan

. Her figure also appeared in the courtyard in front of this door. And her attire was 南京夜生活论坛 exactly the same as Cao Qin, wearing a simple and elegant robe, wrapping her enchanting figure; around her waist. , Also hung a hip flask.

“What?” Du Ying couldn’t believe his ears. He thought that Yan Wang’s cultivation base was unparalleled in the world, but he did not expect that today he heard Yan Wang personally say such words.

“Then you are dead to understand now?” Cao Qin asked immediately afterwards.

“I” Du Ying could not answer Cao Qin’s question, because he only had time to say a word, and his head left his neck and came to Hades’ hands.

It was a slender, white jade-like hand, and it was also a deadly hand. Perhaps it was more deadly than any weapon in this world.

“Four girls, you have been watching there for a long time, why not come out and talk?” Two seconds later, Cao Qin suddenly 南京桑拿按摩网 turned around and said to the corner of the courtyard.

There is nothing there. But after Cao Qin finished speaking, an optical barrier suddenly disappeared, revealing the four Hongying figures.

“Since they have be