e heights of Ghana Palace all the way down, through several long and narrow corridors, Finally, I entered in front of a rock cave dug out under a cliff. The stone door at the entrance of the cave was thick and cold. The stone door was covered with green moss 南京龙凤论坛 and water stains, and a cold air continued to spread from the stone door.

Our group stopped outside the stone gate and stationed a group of Gana guards outside the stone gate.

This group of Jana guards are tall warriors wearing silver armor. When we approached the stone gate, those Jana guards held halberds and pointed at us. If they took a step forward, they would act unceremoniously towards us. .

The mermaid maid next to Queen Vicky walked up, took out the rune of Queen Vickie in front of a Ghana guard, and 南京桑拿按摩网 communicated in Ghana for a while. At the beginning, the Ghana guard appeared Indifferent, only hesitated later.

I turned my head and glanced at Justus who was behind me. Justus approached me calmly and whispered in my ear: “Those Ghana warriors who guard the gate seem to rely on them. They don’t 南京龙凤网 want to follow Queen Wiki’s advice. Ordered, the mermaid intimidated the guard of Jana, and told him that if she didn’t let him go,

she would go directly to the king of Jana to accuse them. ” The guard of Jana was eventually caught by the slender mermaid. Persuaded, he waved to the guards of Gana behind him. The guards of Gana pushed aside to the two sides, setting aside the stone gate in 南京桑拿楼凤网 front of them. The two guards of Gana were in front of the stone gate and slowly slowed the big stone gate. Push away.

An icy breath filled the cave, and the slender mermaid led us directly into the cave.

Simply put some warm clothing in our magic pockets, we simply put them on at the entrance of the cave, and then followed the slender mermaid into the cave.

“This ice rock vein is buried under this rocky cliff, and Princess Ariel is lying in the underground ice coffin.” The slender mermaid whispered to us.

“Your Imperial language is very good.” Yi