e company knows that the players who are far ahead are basically the result of the operation of the studio team. The average player can’t do it at all. For children to participate 江苏桑拿论坛 in this kind of competition, after all, the available resources are not the same. The game time alone is not comparable to the professional ones. So you can see that the “Braves are not afraid” closed beta from the first to the twentieth level, except in the forum. In addition to the previous announcement, I did not receive any official rewards.”

Later facts 南京龙凤网 also proved that Feng Bujue’s guess was correct. The Dream Company did not give any real rewards to the first player who reached the level. Of course, that Famous players and their studios get what they want, which is attention.

In fact, the online games of these years, as long as they are games with strong technical xing and playable xing, the superstructure is basically occupied by the studio. Until the game has been in operation for several years, the studios have withdrawn. Some individual or casual players are likely to take the initiative, of course, there is probably no one to play at that time. The next step is to close the registration, combine service, and finally close the service.

As for some games that are more “brain-disabled”, the overall pattern is relatively clear. It’s just someone who has more money. 南京夜生活论坛 Apart from selling meat and vulgar propaganda, the only thing that is remarkable is the screen of the game. The game itself is really not worth mentioning. The studio is at the grassroots level in such a game, acting as a part-time job for the rich, and doing almost brainless repetitive assembly line cao work, which is a bit of a human body.

The lifespan of this kind of games is often shorter. Generally speaking, players who don’t spend money can no longer play in the early and middle stages, and a few people insist on being abused and defeated in the later stages. And because the content of the game itself is empty and lacking, it doesn’t take lo