after going back, I will actively prepare the goods.” I nodded, waved to Earl Conard, and said, “Then, I will wait for your first order.”

Leaving the house of Earl Conard Raleigh, the magic caravan is speeding along the snow-filled stone street in winter. The sun shines through the dry leaves and branches and through the bright glass windows into the car of the magic caravan. We The two sat side by side, Yingli’s head resting 南京桑拿楼凤网 on my shoulders, Helena, Becky, and Catalina were sitting opposite us, and the carriage fell into silence for a while.

“It must be difficult to convince Prince James!” I squeezed Ying Li’s little hand and said to her.

She is wearing a white knowledge suit, which always makes people feel that there is a layer of holy brilliance on the face. At some point, I even felt that Yingli was 南京桑拿会所网 wearing this costume, making her more like a holy priest.

A quiet smile appeared on Yingli’s face, and two shallow dimples appeared on his face.

She put a slightly fat baby chin on my shoulders, her hands held one of my arms tightly, and her warm breath blew into my ears. She listened to her saying, “It’s okay, sometimes he It looks like a very stubborn guy, but I know how much he loves me!”

“Becky!” I yelled to Becky who was sitting opposite and whispering to Helena.

“Hmm!” When I heard my name suddenly calling her, Becky raised her head and agreed, her cheek flushed slightly.

Her seaweed-colored wavy hair is scattered on her chest. She is wearing a set of well-tailored tight leather armor. The tall and straight twin peaks are set off against the leather armor. She looks very sexy. Becky always 南京龙凤论坛 wears bold and sexy clothes. But the inner world is very conservative. I said to her: “Your idea is great!”

In fact, when I was lying in bed last night, I kept thinking about it. In fact, according to Becky’s idea, I don’t even think Sell ??these scrapped magic black iron arrows to the Southwind Legion. Someone should buy them in the weapon shop. After all, the face-to-face war is still going