The whereabouts of the two assassins were exposed, their eyes widened, and they realized that the situation was not good. 南京桑拿夜网 They turned around and wanted to get into the shadows to escape. The ice gun exploded into a piece of ice powder directly at the door of the room, and the two assassins had just hidden figures stained with it. After a layer of ice powder, a rough outline appeared, and their figure gradually became clear, their limbs became a little stiff, they looked at me in amazement, and a look of despair appeared on their 南京桑拿楼凤网 faces.

Catalina threw out from the door like a leopard, and the sharp dagger wiped a thin blood mark on the necks of the two assassins.

They didn’t even have time to warn their remaining companions. They were covered with frost and fell in the corridor. Catalina and I dragged the two assassins whose bodies were getting colder back into the room. Catalina said: “I’ll go “Look below”, he concealed in the shadows, and chased the two assassins downstairs through the corridor.

After the ice gun exploded, the frost and snow left at the door of the room began to melt rapidly, turning into water on the ground, and seeping into the cracks in the floor.

Close the door of his room, open the portal, and push the four corpses into the underground cave in Xinliu Valley.

I carried the deep cold crystal dagger, 南京桑拿会所网 walked barefoot to Su and Annie’s door, and knocked on the door lightly. As expected, Annie was more alert, and Annie’s questioning voice came from the room: “Who?”

Lightly. With the sound of footsteps, the door was opened in a gap, revealing half of Annie’s face. She looked at me warily.

I whispered to her: “Be careful, a few assassins sneak in!”

Then, under her surprised gaze, I turned and walked to the opposite Yingli’s room. I also knocked on the door of the room and knocked for a long time before watching. When Helena opened the room door sleepily, after seeing me, she dragged me into the room in a daze.

I, have you figured out the situation!

When Cat