is so complete. There are always broken places. They will secrete a black carrion-like biomass to make up for it, so that it can barely enter space.

As soon as there are more such 南京龙凤论坛 ships, the jump becomes impossible. They can only wander in the outer space by conventional means and looting every life planet encountered.

Some broken ships will drop anchor in the universe, and the large forces will not wait for them, but let these lost power ships full of bugs be like dandelion seeds, spreading the insect swarms to every corner of the universe.

When you encounter a space ghost ship or an abandoned space station in Marvel, you are likely to encounter the Blue Zerg inside, or the second-generation mutant Zerg born after they parasitize the original owner.

If the once-abandoned bugs can reproduce and regain their aerospace capabilities when they encounter curious hapless eggs, they will contact and return to the bug swarm through special means. This is why the Bruce Zerg is always a small tribe.南京龙凤网 The reason why the team form appears in front of people.

Space is a very dangerous place. Those who have no ability should not come here. There are many opportunities but more dangers.

“What do we do?” Carol held the bat oxygen tank and looked at the death knell.

The death knell was just holding his arms and leaning on the passenger seat in the same posture as Ge Youtan: “There is a Scroo fleet between us and the Swarm. Let’s watch their performance

first .” Chapter 1341 Alternate Plan

Of course, the Skrews who were anchored in the space route also discovered the existence of insect swarms, the vast insect sea that almost covers half of the planetary system. Without sensors, you can see the tattered and black patches with the naked eye. The ghost fleet is out.

Scruid mothership bridge.

There was a sound of fearful sobbing in the darkness. This is the end of the matter. Although you know that you are patrolling to determine the location of the insect swarm, don’t encounter it when the energy fa