“What I need is the kind of slave who is willing and doesn’t have to sign any magical contract!” I leaned over and said in Kalantuo’s 南京龙凤网 ear.

She heard me say that, Mai Se’s pretty face seemed to be stained with red clouds.

I don’t want to send orc warriors to arrest the indigenous people at this time, but I just don’t want to buy the seeds of hatred in their hearts.

The indigenous people on the plane of Yero have a strong tribal concept. They believe in the spirit of ancestors like the orcs. Sometimes, they will choose dignity in the face of dignity and death. This is the most terrifying point.

These indigenous people remind me of the last time William broke into the indigenous people’s tribe and took away the treasures they enshrined in front of the ancestor’s spiritual seat, causing the indigenous people to lead the spiders to our camp and bring us It’s so troublesome, I think those indigenous people can even give their lives for certain 南京桑拿会所 things at certain times.

Today’s battle, these indigenous people also fully demonstrated this point. Those strong men, none of them chose to escape secretly under the crisis. They have been protecting the young, the women and the elders from beginning to end. By. This is a group of indigenous people who can make me feel that I should be respected.

Qige squatted next to a dead giant spider, gently covered her mouth and nose with a silk scarf, then cut the giant spider’s abdomen with a machete, and used a long spider tentacles carefully. Hook out the poisonous sac in the abdomen of the giant spider.

She took out the water bag, peeled off the cork, poured out a stream of clear water, and repeatedly washed the poison sac picked up by the tips of her limbs. Finally, after washing off the blood, the poison sac revealed 南京桑拿夜网 its original appearance.

The giant spider’s venom sac is as big as a palm, soft and soft like a translucent fish swim bladder. A thick green viscous liquid wanders around inside, exuding a kind of acid taste, Qige hides it. Holding his