hop owner. On his back, the iron brush in the hand of the shop owner slammed to the ground.

I rushed up to snatch the snapper from her hand, and she stared at me viciously.

I said to her: “Hey, hey, don’t eat this way, it may cause diarrhea, there is a restaurant next to it, I can

treat you to a meal in the style of the Imperial City ” Princess Areliel 南京龙凤网 ignored me, from the fresh The fish shop ran out, I put the red snapper with a neat row of teeth on the back on top of the crushed ice, took out seven or eight silver pegs from my arms and threw it on the fish-killing table, and pushed the door Chased it out.

She ran forward along the street, leaving me with only a thin back. The pure white dress

flew back as she ran. “Hey, where are you going?” I chased after Princess Ariel , Asked breathlessly.

“Don’t follow me anymore, please leave me alone for a while!” Areliel suddenly stopped and stood at the crossroads of the long street, shouting to me.

She looked at the magic caravan passing by on the street, at the Green Empire people who were watching lively on the street, at the bustling night scene around the crossroads, at the tall and arrogant tower on the 南京桑拿会所 opposite side, and strode to the front of the arrogant tower. In the cloister of the square, all the magic caravans on the street stopped in front of her, gave her a straight passage, crossed the street desperately, walked inside the corridor, and walked under a statue.

She was sitting on the chair under the sculpture, and she shed tears. Perhaps the mermaid did not shed tears. Now that she occupies Yingli’s body, she has to cry so happily.

I don’t know why she shed tears. There may be too many reasons for the dead Jana lover, perhaps because of the disappointment of the endless King Hyjana, or perhaps because of the Zampura who gave her a new life. wizard.

On the side of the corridor is the lively magic free market, but no one wants to approach it, and no one knows what this crying female magician will make in 江苏桑拿论坛 the next second. Besi